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Commemoration of Chotrul Duchen

03/18/2022 @ 6:30 am - 3:00 pm

We are pleased to announce that the Maitreya Shrine Room is now open to visitors. Visitors are required to wear masks. Please note that the dining room and accommodations remain closed to the public.


In honor of Chötrul Duchen, the full moon of the Month of the Buddha’s Miracles when, for fifteen days, the Buddha displayed miracles, we will be offering 1,000 butterlamps (as part of our weekly Tong Chö) and chanting the Milarepa tsok and Milarepa Doha. These practices and prayers are dedicated to world peace, especially in Ukraine, and to an end to all sickness.

On this very auspicious day, it is said, your merit will be multiplied ten million times. Please join us for the chanting and/or sponsoring the chanting.


6:30 am | Thousandfold Lamp Offering (Tong Chö)
A traditional Tong Chö of 1,000 butter lamps, 1,000 bowls of saffron water and 300 bowls filled with rice, incense and flowers accompanied by chanting of the Chenrezig practice.


The next chanting sessions are being offered remotely on Zoom. If you would like to participate please click here.


9:30 am | Kalu Rinpoche’s Practice of Aspiration Prayers (Monlam Choga), followed by the Short Practice of the Peaceful & Wrathful Deities (Shitro)
Chanting of the Monlam Choga, a practice of offering and aspiration prayers compiled by Dorje Chang Kalu Rinpoche. This is followed by the short liturgy of Shitro (Peaceful and Wrathful Deities), a profound practice from the cycle of teachings and meditations of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. We dedicate this practice to the deceased in order to purify negativities, avert obstacles in the bardo, and establish a connection with the deities that will ripen in future lives

To join the chanting please download Kalu Rinpoche’s Practice of Aspiration Prayers (Monlam Choga).


1:30 pm | Chanting of Milarepa Practice with Feast Offering (Tsok)
Milarepa is the most beloved yogi and poet of Tibet and one of the forefathers of the Kagyu lineage revered for his inspirational life story and profound songs of realization. The Guru Yoga of Milarepa is an essential practice of the Kagyu lineage in which the transmission of devotion becomes the basis of Mahamudra.


There are many ways to share in the merit of these activities through sponsoring the chanting, the tea served during the chanting, meals, and the offering of butter lamps. Be sure to include a prayer with your donation which will be read aloud to the assembly. 

You may make your donations on-line or simply mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

Palpung Thubten Chöling
Attn: Office
245 Sheafe Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590.

Please make checks payable to Palpung Thubten Choling or PTC.


Palpung Thubten Chöling
245 Sheafe Road
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 United States
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(845) 297- 2500
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