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Palpung Richmond VA, Kagyu Shenpen Tharchin

Sangha is one of the Three Jewels in all Buddhist traditions. The role of sangha is to support dharma practitioners who wish to follow the example of the Buddha by traveling the path laid out for us by his teachings, the dharma. While the monastery provides teachings, weekly classes, and other resources online, many sangha members live too far away to be able to visit often, so it is also very meaningful to have a local sangha to practice with and feel supported by.

Palpung Thubten Choling Monastery is very fortunate to have eight currently active affiliated centers along the East Coast from Florida to New Hampshire and as far west as Tennessee. All our centers welcome visitors and new members. Website and contact information for each center are below.

Practice with a Dharma Center

Most of our centers meet once a week and offer as their main practice the sadhana of Chenrezig, the bodhisattva of compassion, as well as group meditation and dharma study and discussion. Some also offer additional practices such as Green Tara, Medicine Buddha, and Amitabha.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most affiliated centers now meet via Zoom and have welcomed participants from all over the United States, giving the concept of “local sangha” a new meaning. Some centers plan to maintain Zoom access even when the pandemic is over. If you are looking for a small sangha to practice and study with, we hope you will find a home in one of ours.

Affiliated Centers in the U.S.

District of Columbia

Palpung Drupgyu Chödzong
Marilyn Goldberg
1519 D Street SE
Washington DC 20003
(202) 546-0226


Palpung Gyurmey Gatsal Choling
3535 Flagler Avenue
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 853-6537

New Hampshire

Palpung Samten Chöling
Anne Sauve / Jeffrey Zohler
150 Brave Boat Harbor Road
Kittery Point, ME 03905
(207) 438-9338 /

New York

East End Dharma Group
Lutha Leahy-Miller
4 Cornell Place
Hampton Bays, NY 11946-2604
(631) 561-7621

North Carolina

Palpung Chokor Ling
Lama Yeshe Palmo
206 Hidden Hollow Lane
Otto, NC 28763


Milarepa Osel Cho Dzong
Lama Karma
6231 Paul Boone Rd
Happy Valley, TN 37878
(865) 856-5051


Palpung Richmond
Palpung Shenpen Tharchin
Lama Chodron
Ekoji Buddhist Sangha
3411 Grove Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221 USA
(804) 554-1162

Palpung Tenpa Yarjay
Keith Luck
319 Deal Dr
Portsmouth, VA 23701

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