Strategic Plan of Palpung Thubten Choling

Palpung Thubten Choling Strategic Plan
Updated and Approved by the Board of Trustees and Officers – (July 2, 2017)


The following Strategic Plan objectives embrace multiple suggestions provided by members of the sangha, residents, Officers, and KTC Board members. They were coordinated, collated and condensed by members of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees requested a Plan to reflect the desires and determination of the membership to update and improve the administration of the Monastery and to express upgraded, but attainable, constructive goals. As a short term Strategic Plan, 30 September 2019 was selected as a goal by which time measurable progress might be expected.

Operating Atmosphere at The Monastery

Spiritual elements and secular administration operate with transparency, openness, helpfulness, kindness, and respect with opportunities for all to reach their full potential. This, within the authentic Tibetan Buddhist lineage of the Palpung tradition functioning compatibly with American ethical standards.


A Board of Trustees in place, trained and functioning according to its duty of care (prudent use of assets, including facility, people and good will), duty of loyalty (decide in the best interests of the organization) and duty of obedience (obey applicable laws, ethical practices and adhere to organization’s purposes, while advancing its mission). The fiduciary obligations of oversight of financial activity, legal compliance, loyalty to the mission of the Center, operating in harmony and contributing support to the organization are understood and are being met.


  • A manager appointed to support the Officers, engaged to plan, oversee and guide the day to day operation of the office, support the religious activity of the Center and the management of the buildings and grounds of the Center
  • A human resources plan and schedule in place to assure that residents and volunteers have clearly defined work assignments and schedules that provide adequate time for religious practice and rest
  • A clear definition of membership qualifications established, published and in place
  • All agreements and contracts are completed in writing, witnessed and available for review by those accountable
  • Regular inventories of Center supplies, schedules and purchasing budgets up to date and approved
  • Plans and procedures documents maintained and made available to responsible leadership
  • An active Fund Raising Program in place that can be adjusted as time and needs evolve

Religious Practice

  • Full recognition of our Monastery’s primary mission of Kagyu Buddhist practice in the Palpung tradition and excellent authentic teaching
  • A permanent Lama sent by Guru Vajradhara Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa/Palpung Institute to provide for regular teaching and transmission of the Dharma to retreats, residents and the sangha.
    Standards and qualifications for teachers established, with guidance and training available
  • A regular schedule of Teaching, and religious events in place
  • Retreats: Vetting procedures for aspiring retreatants updated (When feasible, an endowment fund established to provide support in qualified cases of need)
  • A list of translators (Tibetan/English and Tibetan/Chinese) available to call upon to facilitate a full schedule of Teaching

Maitreya Center

  • Needed repairs completed, regular maintenance budgeted and upgraded equipment list available for prioritized funding
  • Recognition of donors in place and up to date


  • A Volunteer Coordinator in place, working in cooperation with, and under the guidance of the Officers to seek out and train volunteers to meet needs for assistance in all areas of the operation and maintenance of the Monastery including building and grounds, food services, event support, housekeeping and general administration
  • Plant and grounds in neat, clean condition with established routines to keep it up
  • Food service standards and hygiene maintained at highest level
  • All buildings up to code and well maintained
  • Visitors welcomed to the Center, tour guides available on Saturdays and Sundays, with occasional special events planned with community invited
  • Sufficient funds available to hire part time assistance when workloads are intolerable and qualified volunteers are not available

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