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Commemoration of Buddha’s Joyful Day

08/22/2021 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Unvaccinated Guests Must Wear Masks

The observance of Buddha’s Joyful Day on the full moon day of the seventh lunar month is based on the story of Maudgalyayana, a disciple of the Buddha, who discovered through his meditative powers that his mother had been reborn as a hungry ghost. Distressed, he approached the Buddha for help, who then advised him to make offerings to the Sangha, as the merit from doing so would help relieve the suffering of his mother and other beings in the lower realms. Buddha’s Joyful Day is observed by making offerings of necessities to monastics, reciting sūtras and performing acts of generosity. The merit from these deeds is dedicated to all beings, especially to relieve the suffering of the deceased.

Please join us as we make prayers and offerings for our parents, ancestors, and the deceased through a special recitation of the Amitabha sadhana with tsok offerings, a fire puja for the deceased, and aspiration prayers for the well being of us and all other beings, especially those to whom we dedicate the practice by name, both living and deceased.

The practice entitled ‘Jangchok’ will be included within the chanting of the Amitabha sadhana.  Jangchok is done for the benefit of the recently deceased to achieve liberation.  For persons who may have passed away a long time ago the Jangchok practice will still bring great blessings to the deceased and create the causes and conditions for the liberation of the person.  For the living, it is said that once their karmic debtors are liberated through this practice, the person will have less obstacles.  For all beings, this practice will help to create favorable conditions and enhance their well-being.

It is said that, “no matter how long ago your deceased dear ones or relatives have passed away, it is still very vital to make prayers and offerings for them to increase their merit.”

During the chanting of the Long Amitabha and Jangchok sadhanas all the names of the deceased will be blessed and burned to symbolize purification of their defilements, obscurities and negative karma by the fire of wisdom, ripening their merit to be reborn in Amitabha’s pureland of Dewachen. Also included will be a dedication of merit to all sponsors and their designated names for blessing.  As it is taught in the Ullambana Sūtra, the merit of making these offerings will bring excellent health, long life, removal of obstacles from the donor’s dharma practice and work, and rebirth of the deceased in Dewachen.  The merit will also be dedicated to world peace and the liberation of all sentient beings.  May the Dharma continue to flourish.


Chanting Schedule:

10:00 am | Chanting of Long Amitabha Sadhana
1:30 pm | Continuation of chanting of Long Amitabha Sadhana with Tsok, Jangchok Sadhana, followed by Sür (special fire offering ceremony)

For information on how to join us via ZOOM, please click here

You may donate any amount and provide us with the names for dedication (both living and deceased).  To make these dedications, download the Amitabha Sadhana Dedication Form in Chinese and English.

As of July 1 we welcome visitors to join us for lunch in the Maitreya dining room, and ask that you let us know in advance by emailing reservations@kagyu.com. We regret that the dining room will not be open for other meals at this time.

Overnight accommodations will also be available for fully vaccinated guests only. If you would like to stay at the monastery, please make reservations in advance using our online form.

If you need assistance with making your reservation, please email reservations@kagyu.com.




2021年8月22日 (周日) 


農曆七月為佛教孝道月,而七月十五為盂蘭節,也是佛歡喜日。此日供僧道糧,藉此功德為父母消災延壽,為合府祈福消災; 超度祖先亡者,令先靈早生佛國; 報四重宏恩,利濟三塗群生,超度一切亡者,特別是因新冠疫情、河南水災喪生的衆生。歡迎大眾趁此良機, 生起歡喜心, 以衣、食、臥具、藥物等供養僧人道糧。法林寺隆重舉行法會,祈以此功德令功德主闔府親朋長壽安樂,祛除身心疾病,工作事業修行等障礙逆緣; 祖先及一切亡者,往生阿彌陀佛淨土; 並迴向佛法昌盛,世界和平,疫情平息, 眾生速得暫時永遠的大安樂! 

早上10:00 阿彌陀佛天法長軌

下午1:30 阿彌陀佛天法長軌 (繼續), 消災障“將除”, 山林煙供,火供“餗”
法會免費參加,歡迎光臨!如蒙樂捐,點擊此處 [功德金表]


在修阿彌陀佛天法時, 將加修消災除障法“將除”. 此法的巨大加持力,令不論是最近過世,或已過世很久的祖先亡者迅速得救度。同時亦為功德主及生者名單加持、祈福消災、超度怨親債主、祛除惡業身心疾病,清淨障礙逆緣,增加順緣福報。法會將超度並焚燒亡者名單,象徵以智慧之火,令亡者祛除惡業障礙逆緣,圓滿福報而往生阿彌陀佛淨土。而且將加持功德囘向給施主及其提供的名單. 


通過Zoom參加 法會者,點擊此處.


從 7 月 1 日,歡迎大家共進午餐。請您提前通過電子郵件reservations@kagyu.com 预约。但抱歉早、晚餐仍未開放。 



中文查詢:黃邁可師兄 917-731-6130 微信號: MICHAEL6130 

曾瑪琍:646-285-8833 mzeng11355@yahoo.com


10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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